The Lye Saga
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Story One:

This one has no title
Comment: my first little story, too crazy to give you a synopsis. Just read it.. it's my personal favorite

Lye had pointy ears, and silver eyes,
and bright fiery hair that was red at the roots, and went too orange, then
was yellow at the tips. She was a demon.

One day Lye was walking around, looking for something to do.. cuz she was
very bored, so she walked along a dirt path, thinking to her self

"I've always enjoyed acting, I should go from city to city pretending to
someone else"

Of course Lye didn't know this was illegal! (con artist) so she went along.

She arrived at the first village. a young handsome man was standing at the
gate, he looked up at her.

Lye ran into his arms, and started crying, bawling, wailing, I mean his
shirt was soaked.

"Oh kind sir" she said is a gay accent "please save me from the monster!"

"Why the hell should I" the guy replied .

Lye noticed that her plan wasn't working, so she said "Fuck you" and
burned the whole village down with her demon magic.

Then lye went to he next city. and here she was al like, I 'm a goddess
from heaven, sent to punish you, no one believed her again,, so she killed them

On to the next village. Here she pretended to be a doctor, and she healed
all the sick people, and they were all like "oh wonderful doctor, you saved
our lives live with us forever" but she thought they were too dull, so she
killed them...(at least she tried to)but what she didn't know that at the
time a young boy named Goten, and his friend Trunks were visiting friends
in that village. and they didn't like how Lye was trying to hurt their
friends, so they tried to fight her.

Their Kamehameha's didn't work, and neither did physical combat, see,,
Lye was a mistress of martial arts, and she was stronger than anyone in the land.

she also had her demon magic, and when she got bored, she just used it
to disappear. Immediately Goten and trunks went to tell their parents.

"Mom, some bitch tried too kill our friends" Trunks said to bulma
"Shut up p you little saiyan bastard!" Bulma said "I'm building a time
machine, go tell your father!"
"But mom, he's an asshole"
"I know I know"

Trunks realized this wasn't going anywhere, s he went to tell his dad, but
his dad was just working out, and blasted them out of the room, so they
to goten's place.

When they got there, chi chi was bitching at gohan for coming over when
she was busy..
"go home to your bitch wife"
"don't say that about videl mom!" Gohan said, wondering why his mom was
such a bitch, which was a stupid thing to do
"just go" Chi chi said, and she broke down crying..
"what the hell?" goten asked as he walked in what's going on?
"PMS" gohan said, and he flew his ugly butt out of the scene.

"Mom, wassup?" goten asked, as trunks helped himself to food.
"oh it's nothing" Chi Chi replied, "I just miss your father so much, and I can't help being mad at your brother for going off to marry that bitch, and leaving me here all alone."
Goten looked at her " I live here too you know." he said rudely

"yeah.. but your always off with your gay lover."

Trunks recognized his nickname, and stuck his purple head out of the fridge, he walked over to Chi Chi with his hands full of food.

"so what is it you wanted to tell me?" Chi Chi asked

"Well there's some psycho bitch demon terrorizing the earth, and we can't stop her."

"Why didn't you turn super saiyan or fuse or something."

trunks just looked at her
... "we don't want to hurt a girl" he replied.
Ch chi burst out laughing? "you to faggots? your gay.. why don't you wanna hurt a girl."

they both shrugged, they couldn't figure it out either.

"well I hate too say it.. but I bet piccolo and gohan can help go get them... didn't you ask vegeta?"

"He just blasted us" trunks replied.

"Well try and tell him again.. this sounds like a challenge worthy of that arrogant self centered asshole."

Trunks and Goten nodded, trunks went to find his dad, and goten went to get his bro and mr. piccolo.


Goten arrived at Gohan's place, him and videl were talking, and holding hands.. (they looked like john and stacey)

"Hey ugly brother" goten said with a smile, gohan looked at him, he was used to people calling him ugly by now.

"wassup stinky?" he asked using his loving nickname for his brother.

"wanna help us kill this psycho demon chic?"

"would your dad want you to kill her?" Videl asked in a concerned voice

"Of course not" replied Gohan, "but he's dead, what's he gonna do?

"Come back to life" Videl repeated, "and he'll be pretty pissed.

"okay" replied gohan, "we'll convert her, that's what happens to every bad guy we meet anyways.

"We have to get that stupid namek too." Goten replied.

Gohan filled with anger, and blasted his little brother halfway across the yard.... for insulting mr. piccolo.

Gohan flew off to find his beloved namek mentor, and goten lingered after him.


"Hey dad?" trunks said.. approaching his father carefully.

"what do you want you brat?" vegeta asked.

"can you please help us kill this chick who's being menace to south central while drinking her juice in the hood?"

"What?" vegeat asked

"never mind.. we just need your help to kill a demon"

"no" he said sternly, and flew off.. but trunks wasn't giving up,. he went to his little sister (who wasn't supposed to be born yet, but Chantal want's her in the story)

"hey bra?"

"what do you want?" she asked

"i need you to ask dad to do something for me.. "why should I?" bra asked

cuz your my sister...

yeah? and?

common.. I'll give you anything

Bra sat and thought for a while... "Play dress up with me" she demanded. Trunks had no better ideas, so when gohan goten and piccolo arrived, trunks was dressed in a pink sun dress, with lipstick on and bows in his hair, drinking water from a tea cup, and talking in a high pitched voice. His back was turned to his friends, and bra ignored them, so he continued plying.

"So bra.. do you think could do my nails too?" he asked.

bra giggled. Trunks just looked at her, Gohan coughed behind him!

"holy shit!" trunks screamed, and flew off as fast as he possible could, to who knows where. Everyone burst out laughing.

"holy shit" trunks screamed as he flew off as fast as he possibly could to who know where. everyone burst out laughing.

as soon as the calmed down, Goten approached bra.

"so ddid you ask your dad?" he asked

"ask daddy what?"

"if will help us fight the demon chick." Goten replied.

"oh yeah" bra squeeled ditsyly and skipped off to the gravity machine. She rapped on the door lightly.

"daaaaaaaaaaddddddy!" she sang.

immidiatly vegeta's head popped out the door?
he smiled at the sight of his daughter.

"daddy.. you have to help trunks' friends fight the demon." she ordered, looking up at him with her big blue eyes batting her eyelashes.

Vegeta nodded with a smile.

"then we can go shopping!" Bra beemed.

"of course princess!" Vegeta picked up his daughter, adn spun her around.

the others (gohan, goten and piccolo) looked at him.

he scowled...
"let's get this oover with."
and they fleww off towards the village.

While they were flying, piccolo flew off from the others to examine a strange box down on the land. he had no time to open it., so he grabbed it and continued flying. When they arrived, Lye was sleeping under a tree.

Piccolo opened the box, in side were five wierd looking mushrooms. he bent over to smell them. shrugged. and ate them, despite the fact that nameks never eat.. and only drink water, he still ate them.

Immiditly, vegeta, eager to shop with is precious little daughter, went up to lye and kicked her in the stomach.

"What the fuck!" Lye screamed as she jumped to her feet. She looked at vegeta.. "hey hot stuff" her tone changed.

"what was that for?" she asked vegeta, pacing around him.

"you tried to kill our friends"Goten said stepping foreward.

"shut up you little shit" Lye pointed at Goten, and a nearby tree engulfed him with branches and stuff. a few leaves covered his mouth so he couldn't talk anymore.

"holy shit!" Gohan shouted. Piccolo was laughing histaricaly.
"Whats with yo piccolo?"
piccolo stopped laughing...

"I just heard you through my nose!" he laughed! "NOSE DRUMS!" and he kept laughing.

Gohan shrugged, and charged at lye.

each time he tried to punch, she dodged effortlessly, all the time blowing kisses, and winking at vegeta. Eventually she got bored, and knocked Gohan out. he was down for the count.

Lye strutted up to vegeat . "so what do ya say sexy? you gonna take a shot at me too?" she leaned in real close and batted her eyelashes at vegeta. he blushed. Just then Mr. Popo flew i on his magic carpet.

"blast her vegeta.. remember she's evil."

"oh yeah!" vegeata chuckled

"fuck you!" lye shouted at im, as he shot a bing bang at her. she had a hole right through her stomach. "shit" she looked at the blood.

"cya" vegeta waved. " i gotta date" and he flew off.

Goten tired to shout.. but he couldn't speak. Lye was wounded , but not dead, and it looked like there was no on e there that could help, Lye took a step towards him, prepared to kill him.

"Not so fast" Chi chi called from behind.

Lye turned and laughed at the fought of this woman trying to defeat her. "you leave my kids alone!!! she shouted.

"and who's gonna stop me?" lye asked.

"I am" chi chi replied, and she powered up.

Lye laughed, and blasted a shot at gohan. Chi chi got really pissed, and turned supersaiyan 9 as everyone knows, chi chi was a saiyain now, cuz she s all full of saiyan sperm) she ran and blocked the blast from her son, not gtting a singe scratch. then kicked ly's ass.. and left her for dead. she picked up gohan, released goten, and flew home. (after she changed back to a regular person of course. goten was amazed, and later decided it was a dream. and mr piccalo ate a cat and stripped for some old folks in the park. the end.